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What Is A Chocolate Depositor Machine? Find Here!

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If you are planning to start your own chocolate and confectionary business, you have to find ways to enhance production skills and capacity. Things like chocolate tempering and enrobing are traditionally done manually, but not anymore. There are machines that promise to simplify the job and offer flexibility in creating new products. In that context, you may hear about a machine called the chocolate depositor. What is a chocolate depositor? What purpose does it serve? In this post, we are discussing some of the basic aspects that you need to know.

The basics

In simple words, chocolate depositors discharge a pre-decided volume of filling into a mold or on a desired surface. Since varied products require materials with different viscosities, speed, and texture, the scope of a chocolate depositor is decided by many factors. Some chocolate fillings and materials need certain preset heating and cooling temperatures, and the machine should be able to deliver accurate amount of material discharge. The use of chocolate depositors is also necessary for decorative needs. There are varied kinds of chocolate depositors in the market, and these can dispense products into other ready items. For instance, the chocolate filled biscuits have a chocolate topping that’s added after the biscuit is baked and ready.

What are the various uses?

Typically, chocolate depositors are used for discharging chocolate fillings, and this could be done for any custom products. These machines are also capable of depositing fillings on cooling belts and be used for molding as well. With chocolate depositors, it is possible to create individual products, such as pralines and chocolate chips, while decorative designer chocolates and confectionary items can be created too using these machines. Some depositors are also capable of refining chocolate, so the flavor comes out better, while machines may also have the scope of heating and melting mixtures and chocolate fillings to a certain temperature.

Buying chocolate depositors

There are many vendors who sell chocolate depositors, but check the features and find more on scale of production, precision, features and accuracy before taking the call. Most companies will be more than willing to offer a quote, so ask for that in advance, and don’t shy away from discussing your production requirements, so that you can get good recommendations.

With a chocolate depositor, enrober and tempering machine, you can create a whole range of chocolate and confectionary products, without outsourcing to any other producer.

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