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Selecting An Industrial Adhesive Manufacturer: Things To Know

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Every product that is sold in the market relies on some kind of glue for one component or the other. Certain commercial applications and manufacturing needs require strong bonding agents and adhesives, such as epoxy. Wholesale epoxy has a wide range of uses – from anchoring to concrete repair, flooring coating, construction use, and manufacturing specific parts for diverse industries. If your company wants to order wholesale epoxy and similar materials, it is absolutely important to source your requirements from the right vendor. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on finding an industrial adhesive manufacturer and aspects that need your attention.

  1. Review your requirements. There are varied applications and uses of epoxy and bonding agents. Remember that your company needs a specific kind of industrial adhesive for a specific purpose. When you are sure of the requirements, you can be quick at comparing the manufacturers and sellers.
  2. Know their capacities. Once you know the essential industrial adhesives for your project, the next obvious step is to review the capacity of the shortlisted manufacturers. Make sure that you check all the small details, like if the manufacturer can create epoxies for specific tasks and applications, and if they can deliver on time and on a regular basis.
  3. Ask for product details. Make sure that you ask the manufacturer for their product details, which basically includes details list of common and patented industrial adhesives that they make and other information, such as recommended uses, pros and cons.
  4. Get an estimate. Wholesale and bulk order of industrial adhesives should get you a discount, but do get an estimate in advance. Like we mentioned, most adhesives and epoxies are made with specific materials, and the strength, use often determine the final price. The estimate allows you to compare different options, but remember that quality is an aspect that matters over everything else.
  5. Ask about private labeling. If you are interested in industrial adhesives for the intention of private labeling, you should check for manufacturers who allow for that. They should have some experience in producing some of the other similar products, such as urethanes, acrylics, ester blends and polyureas.

The use of bonding agents and industrial adhesives has expanded to many sectors. Don’t shy away from asking the tough questions when it comes to finding a manufacturer, so that you can do more with your production and manufacturing/private labeling needs.

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