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Relying On An Access Management Tool: The New Norm For Businesses

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Businesses are constantly grappling with new compliance requirements with regards to data protection and security. Complex corporate IT environments are hard to manage, because thousands of internal and external users have access to data, systems, and apps. Think of a mobile wallet service for instance – Besides the customers, who have a user ID and password for their accounts, thousands of other employees are accessing customer information on a regular basis for operational needs. The lack of a system for access management often leads to serious issues, more so in case of a security breach, which could be hard to track. IDM security and identity & access management are aspects that companies must pay for, and in this post, we are discussing more about the advantages and relevant aspects.

Why is access management so necessary?

The challenges of access management are real. For example, companies often have a hard time keeping access details of employees who have recently left the organization. Similarly, the role of an employee within the organization keeps changing all the time, and without a system for access management, giving access rights and managing those rights will only get complex with time. The purpose of an access management tool is to establish a system, so that there is adequate transparency at all levels.

What are the benefits?

  • A considerable number of insider threats can be prevented with a transparent access management system.
  • Businesses can have a better idea of accesses, so in case there is a security breach, finding flaws and taking corrective steps gets easier.
  • It allows organizations to maintain a proactive stance towards data security and internal access management.
  • With IAM tools, businesses can also manage employees better and train users for handling data security better.
  • Audits and reporting get easier with an IAM tool in place. It is easier to have access to various users and their role in accessing company data and apps.

How to choose the right access management tool?

The best access management tool is the one that’s easy to manage and can be deployed easily within the organization. An IAM tool is expected to be scalable and extremely customizable, so that the company has no issues handling access and rights as the userbase grows with time. While pricing is always a factor for selecting any new tool, features offered for better access management should be given importance.

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