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Hosting a Successful Offsite Meeting

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Meetings are a part of running any business. Unfortunately, not all meetings are productive. But, there are many ways to turn an unproductive meeting into a collaborative exercise that leads to actionable and meaningful outcomes. Meeting fatigue is often the result of the host not having the knowledge of how to organise and facilitate result-oriented meetings.

Impactful meetings are non-reoccurring meetings and those that take place offsite. There are many reasons a business schedules offsite meetings including improved efficiencies, team-building, and strategic planning.

Why Off-Site Meetings are Becoming More and More Popular

For any business, employee engagement and retention are still a big challenge.  Disengaged employees cost companies lost productivity and revenues. And although managers understand ways to define a mission for their employees, companies need broader team engagement. This is where offsite meetings can offer value. They enable collaboration, facilitate communication, and create opportunities for teams to gain greater insights into corporate causes and objectives. Offsite meetings provide an organisation with dedicated time to get everybody focused on doing their jobs without the interruptions they have to deal with during the average workday.

How to Plan a Successful Offsite Meeting

Offsite meetings can only be successful when there is solid planning and execution.

Below are some tips to make sure these meetings are a success:

  • Understand meeting objectives. A single offsite meeting may not be enough to cover everything. Planners must identify what is on the table and design the meeting agenda around designated tissue and topics. The agenda must be communicated to all participants.
  • Assign pre-meeting homework. Pre-meeting action items such as brainstorming on topics and identifying issues related to a problem must be assigned to individuals. These people must come to the meeting with all the relevant information or submit them beforehand.

  • Look for the perfect meeting space. Excellent salle à Bromont books fast and companies must make sure they determine and reserve the space beforehand. It is important to keep in mind that planning a meeting’s logistics takes plenty of time. This includes determining secretaries, moderators, and timekeepers, as well as planning meals and refreshments and configuring seating. The right room should be equipped with all the amenities and facilities necessary for an effective meeting.
  • Follow up after the meeting. Any successful meeting can become a failure if clear items are not identified. Also, it is important to assign responsibilities for enacting such actions.
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