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Exploring Product Box Manufacturers: How To Find The Right One?

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Conceptualizing and designing a box for your product can be an overwhelming task. There are diverse aspects to consider, but it is important to understand and decode that a product box is more than just about packaging. It is also about creating an impression, and designed right, it could be an important factor for triggering a purchase decision. As a brand, your foremost job is to design the box, and for that, you need to understand what’s doable and what’s not. Selecting the right product box manufacturer, who can also offer a smart and convenient storage service, is critical, and in this post, we are discussing some of the aspects that need attention.

Box conceptualization and design

If yours is a small company that doesn’t have the resources or expertise to design a product box, you have to find a manufacturing service that deals with design and conceptualization. With their expertise, experience and understanding, they can actually help in finding a design that not only works for the product in terms of branding but will also come in handy for addressing all the relevant, practical aspects. For instance, some delicate products may need custom boxes designed in a certain shape and size. You want to find a manufacturer, who can deal with your design needs.

Capabilities do matter

When you look for manufacturers for product boxes, there are a few questions that you need to ask. For example –

  1. What’s the minimum order size?
  2. Does the manufacturer deal with all kinds of cardboard and corrugated boxes?
  3. What are the extra charges for design?
  4. Will they offer an estimate in advance?
  5. Do they offer storage services?
  6. Can they accept all kinds of large orders?
  7. How quickly can they get an order ready?
  8. Are they accessible around the clock?
  9. What are the warehousing costs?
  10. Will the company show a few samples?

These are just some of the basic questions that you need to ask, and there is no harm in being blunt with your needs and requirements. As a new client, you may also want to check the range of clients they have worked with, and accordingly, you can ask for references.

In conclusion

Think of product packaging as an investment, and you wouldn’t mind paying for the right box manufacturer. There are quite a few options, so contact a few and get estimates, but don’t let the price alone be the reason for selecting a company.

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