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Evaluating Strategy Planning Tools? Look Out For Right Features!

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Strategic planning is the first step towards getting work done. What matters as much, or probably more, is strategic execution. Just having great plans doesn’t translate into good work, and that’s the precise reason why many businesses are relying on strategic planning tools. A strategy planning tool, true to the name, helps organizations in maintaining transparency and accountability. Most vendors have their own proprietary inclusions, but some of the best strategy software features include organization-wide dashboard, simplified interface, and ability to mine and collect data.

If you are looking for strategy planning tools and want to compare the right options, it’s necessary to check for features in detail. In this post, we are discussing on these aspects that need your attention.

The power of a good interface

It is absolutely necessary to have a simplified, ready interface that executives and managers can use effectively. There is no point of using a tool or software that makes execution more complicated for people involved. Deployment is also another factor that matters. You must get a strategy planning tool that’s easy to deploy and will cause minimal disruption to operations and processes.

Organization-wide dashboards

A well-designed comprehensive dashboard is an important tool for such software. It allows people to connect with a project, add real time notes, progress reports, for everyone to access and see. One of the overlooked advantages of strategy planning software is collaboration. Such tools make work happen.

Integration with other apps

People are probably using a bunch of connectivity and collab apps, such as Dropbox, Slack, and Google Docs. Look for a strategy planning tool that can integrate with most of the common apps, so that data, files can be access from different plans. The idea is to connect everything and everyone together, through platforms that they are comfortable and prefer using on a regular basis.

Clarity matters

A good strategy software program meant to assist both strategic planning & execution should offer clarity to teams, managers and leaders. For instance, there could be tasks that are falling behind, projects that are not performing as expected, and the software should be able to customize alerts and reports, so that corrective action is taken. This comes in handy in preventing problems, which can have a domino effect on work being done.

Final word

The last thing that matters is connectivity. The best strategy planning tools are cloud-based, so that users can have access to data they need, in real time.

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