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Decoding The Pros And Cons Of Rotational Molding

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Plastic molding techniques have evolved over the last few decades. Injection molding, one of the oldest techniques, dates back to 1860s, while other molding means are comparatively new. If you need large & hollow plastic parts, or need products in plastic with uniform, even-thickened walls, rotational molding is the technique to check for. Companies like https://fibertechinc.net offer a wide range of products that are made with rotational molding. In this post, we are decoding the pros and cons of rotational molding, also known as rotomolding.

How does rotomolding work?

In most molding methods, the resin material is pushed into the mold to take the necessary shape using high pressure. On the contrary, rotational molding involves placing the liquid resin material in a mold, which is then rotated. The material thus covers the entire inner surface of the mold and takes the necessary shape.

The obvious advantages

The foremost advantage of rotational molding is reduced tooling costs. Since high pressure is not required to handle the resin, the molds can be made with low-cost materials too, including aluminum. The process of production ensures that the products created have uniform walls and as required, double-wall construction can be done easily. Products designed with rotational molding are extremely high on durability and stability and can boast of considerable strength. This is the precise reason why this kind of molding technique is often used for creating things like manholes, kayaks and tanks. Other details include adding letters & symbols and even logos.

On the flip side

Creating products with rotational molding can take considerable time, and only selected materials can be used for such products. The tooling costs are certainly lower for sure, but material costs are usually higher, especially because the material must be converted into powder to be used.

Understanding the uses and more

With rotational molding, it is possible to create a wide range of products, depending on the requirements. Although, it should be noted that rotational molding is not suited for all products. Hollow, strong and durable plastic parts can be made using this technique, and since there is always scope to come up with finished products, other costs related to joining two different parts can be avoided.

If you want to order products that have strength, great finish and tested durability, find a company that deals in rotational molding and ask for an estimate. You can seek help for prototyping, as well.

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