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All you Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

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Social media has been with us since the early nineties, when a young graduate by the name of Mark Zuckerberg created a communication platform for Harvard students to communicate, which quickly evolved into a gobal sensation with literally billions of users who connect daily. While social media was evolving, so the marketing potential was revealed and now there are digital marketing agencies with their own social media marketing (SMM) teams.


Of course, Facebook is by far the most popular of all social media platforms and there is huge potential for every type of business with Facebook marketing in Perth, or anywhere else you might be located. A significant portion of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising and rather than take a chance and create your own ads campaign, you are advised to seek out an SEO agency, who have all the solutions.

Many Variables

When you set up a Facebook advertising account, you instantly have access to their powerful tools and should you be planning to compose a Facebook post, you can have this fed to literally thousands of Facebook users. The variables you can select include the following:

  • User age
  • User location
  • Language
  • Sex

This empowers you to be able to target specific groups and you simply set your budget, create the post and when it goes online, it will be fed to thousands of Facebook users that are within the selections you made.


This is another very popular digital social media platform, which can also be used to advertise your products or services and while Twitter might not have the numbers of Facebook, millions of people tweet daily.

Generating a Social Media Following

Facebook is the primary platform on which to focus your efforts if you want to generate a large following. Hiring an SEO agency is the smart way to create a following, as their SMM team would take over control of your Facebook account and with daily posting of quality content such as blogs, articles, images and video, users are encouraged to click on ‘follow’.

Choose your Advertising Budget

When you approach a provider of SMM services, they would want to know your planned budget for the campaign, and with that figure in mind, they would propose a plan and should the client be in agreement, the work can begin.

Social media offers the small business unlimited potential and by joining forces with a leading SEO agency, you can be sure of a healthy return on your investment.

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