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4 User Management Practices Everyone Should Pay Heed to

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User access management is an essential factor to consider when it comes to keeping your information secure. When you have an efficient user management system, it keeps your company safe as well as more efficiency when you hire someone. Remember that in an office, people don’t consider what permissions they are assigned when they are transferring information. When managing your user accounts, you need to learn more about the same and why it is essential when securing your data. This article highlights the best user management practices everyone should pay heed to.

  1. Use two step verification

Your users will not have any issues when using a provider on a third party to verify their identities. Some of the most commonly used are Facebook and Google. Besides, you can also prevent unwanted access and frauds if your users make the most of the two step verification.

  1. Password management

When you use a password management application, make the most of it to keep the users safe. These are great as they let the end users reset password by their own means with ease. In other words, you will not have to worry about the constantly looking after the password reset request. Besides, the password management applications make it a whole lot easier for managing passwords and syncing them with other systems too.

  1. Make the use of a single sign on or SSO

A single sign on denotes a form of authentication that lets the users to make the use of a single set of credentials for every system they want to have an access to when there are various computer applications or platforms in a certain company. By letting them use a single set of credentials, an SSO makes the entire process of authentication simple. This also comes in handy when you are monitoring the accounts and logging the user activity. Still, before you work with a single sign on, it is essential to look if the user data is securely stored and arranged.

  1. Provisioning

This process refers to looking after the user and customer access rights. It also guarantees the enterprise resource security. This process offers identity manageability features to the staff, clients and stakeholders. It lets them access resources by the means of cloud when present on the premises and ensures that the users are able to make the use of the applications and network resources. Many features that provision products entail termination, digital identity creation, change and validation.

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